Verbal Abuse Support Groups

Verbal Abuse Support Groups


End Verbal Abuse Now Support GROUPS. (EVANS GROUPS)

The contact name and number of verbal abuse support groups will be posted at this location. We make no guarantees about the groups posted here. Thousands of women are looking for support groups. Our list will start after you tell us the City, Phone Number and Name to contact for your group!

Anyone looking for a support group can check below to see if there is a group in their city. Anyone can form a support group for clarity, validation, new information, referrals, and new friends.

How To Start An Evans Group And Get It Posted Here

  1. Find a location where you can meet weekly. Some good possibilities are churches, synagogues, libraries, YWCA facilities, hospitals, private schools.
  2. Get a voice mail number. (Voice Mail services are listed in the phone book under Voice Mail.)
  3. Get an inexpensive service and put a message on your service giving your name or an alias and asking the caller for their name and number.
  4. Check for messages frequently.
  5. Return the call. Screen callers by asking how they heard about your group, their situation and what they’re looking for. (If the person is battered and or stalked refer them to you local shelter for their safety.)
  6. When you have done the above, send us your city, name and voice mail number. We will post it below.

General Guidelines for Running a Support Group

* Meet weekly
* Facilitate the group or choose a facilitator who makes sure everyone has a chance to talk.
* Share your experiences giving about 5-10 minutes to each person who wants to talk.
* Allow a few minutes of cross-talk, shared experiences.
* Don’t give advice unless it is asked for.
* Don’t judge anyone. Everyone is at a different stage.
* Topics for Discussion can include:
• Problem solving for a particular member.
• Goal setting: Encourage members to set goals and to share them and their progress at subsequent meeting.

A support group is particularly validating to anyone who has heard a lot of denial and minimizing of their experience of abuse. Shared experiences and responses serve as “reality checks.” This is very healing.A women’s or men’s support group works best. Since most people in couple relationships who experience abuse, experience it from the opposite gender, keeping groups to one gender is important. If, for instance, a woman has been verbally abused by a man she may not feel safe in a group that includes men. This is a very common outcome of abuse.

Anyone can experience a verbally abusive relationship. Members of a women’s group may include “celebrities, millionaires, poor women, public figures, sophisticated younger women, sophisticated older women, naive trusting women, loving women, careful women, smart women, brilliant women, down-to-earth women and most of all to women who can hardly imagine it happening to them.” VERBAL ABUSE SURVIVORS SPEAK OUT (1993) Patricia Evans pg.222. Publisher: Adams Media Corporation.


EVANS Group Locations

St. Louis, MO EVANS Group

A support group is starting in St. Louis, MO. For information on the St Louis Group please call the following voice mail 314/346-8845 and leave your name and number for a call back.


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