Resources for Divorce and Custody

Resources for Divorce and Custody

When Legal Help is Needed

If you find that you are in an intolerable marriage and need to extricate yourself from an abusive relationship, it is important that you know the divorce and separation laws in your state, and have a sense of what to expect, and if you have children, what you might encounter in custody arrangements.

Here are some web sites to find out the divorce laws in your state and other information you will need.

A good place to start. What are the laws in your state? And what is the difference between a legal separation and divorce? What is customary in custody? You’ll get answers by clicking here.

A very comprehensive resource with information for each state designed to help you find answers to your questions. Click Here.

More Links

Another good resource for divorce information. Visit this link.

A useful site to find lawyers, experts and consultants. Free Legal Advice

This is about legal help for the poor. Here you will find a state by state directory of PRO BONO groups–groups of attorneys who take on cases for free, or on a sliding scale depending on your income. Pro Bono Resources

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