News: Support Site for Men Only

News: Support Site for Men Only

Men Ending Verbal Abuse And Control (MEVAC) has been created for men seriously trying to change.

“My name is Mack. I am a reforming verbal abuser and controller. I say reforming and not reformed because I have not made it to the point yet where I don’t have to watch myself in order to always speak and act in an uplifting and encouraging manner. I began MEVAC after much thought and frustration.

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Mack, who created MEVAC, says: “There is hope for you! Finding out that you are a verbal abuser and controller is a bit like falling down the rabbit hole. Your entire reality is shaken to the core. To find out that your relationships are broken, that those around you are frightened by you, that something is horribly wrong with you and the way you view and communicate with the world is a very scary and life changing event….We will help you. Once you have accepted the truth and began to walk down the right road to reforming yourself you will begin to find out that real relationships based on trust, respect and love are so much more rewarding.”

There are over 30,000 posts on MEVAC – all helpful to the man who truly wants to reform. Register and Activate your account so you will be able to see the rest of the site and begin posting.

Visit the site to learn more.

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