Books by Others: In the SHADOW of a SOCIOPATH

by Chance

My Years of Hell with a Sociopath AKA Sadistic Abuser

A true story of life with a sociopath that reveals the slow, choking demise of what appeared to be an idyllic relationship. Chance is excited with the potential she sees in Seth. She’s certain that she’s encountered a man with a passion for life, a love of family, and values that match her own.

Cloaked in a charming personality, Seth leads Chance to believe that he loves her, while in fact, he delights in creating covert chaos and heartache in her life. She struggles with madness as she uncovers the truth about this man she’s grown to love. Seth’s deception and cruelty become emotionally paralyzing, as they begin to surpass his charm. Her pain and confusion are his pleasure. She is terrorized as she discovers the man behind the mask.The flickering light of Chance dims, as Seth reveals fragments of his lost soul, and his shadow begins to consume her.The shadow of a sociopath is so dark, not even the light of awareness can penetrate it.

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